5 Women fitness on Instagram, the best inspiration

Do you know what or who are the Fitstagramers?

The Fitstagramers are those beautiful girls who through their Instagram accounts inspire us every day to leave the blankets, to put on our sports clothes and to go out and change our lifestyle. They are characterized, rather than having toned bodies, to be disciplined in their decision to have healthy habits and the best thing is that they are not afraid to share their best advice so that people like you can achieve incredible results.

An overview teaches us that it is not enough to sign up for a gym, it is more, you do not need to go to these specialized centers to do a good routine; also, you must follow a balanced and nutritious food plan; moisturize constantly; avoid habits such as staying up late, smoking or drinking liquor and, although many people ignore it, exercising mind and soul is a key factor because it will allow you to stay focused on the goal, get rid of bad energies and find an inner peace that anyone can it's good

TOP 5 of the fitness girls on Instagram.

Ahora sí te compartimos a nuestro juicio un top 5 de Fitstagramers muy variado para que encuentres la que más te guste o para que combines sus recetas y ejercicios:

@ estefiborge: this Colombian actress is a mom, wife and lover of the fitness lifestyle, here you will find exercises in interiors and exteriors as well as delicious recipes.

@tatagnecco_fitness Tata también es madre, te recomendamos esta cuenta porque los videos de su entrenamiento son en grupo y algunas de sus invitadas son famosas como en este caso Carolina Cruz.

@nataliejillfit Natalie reminds us at every moment that exercise should be something fun, with it you can see very well explained exercises for you to build your own routine and also you will see some good food advice since she is a nutritionist.

@eminediilek ¡que el idioma no sea un impedimento! Esta chica tiene dos hijos y es el referente perfecto si lo que prefieres es hacer deporte en tu casa; ella combina ejercicios de yoga con otras modalidades que aseguran tonificación, resistencia y paz interior.

@ shonda1020 like our previous teacher at home, Shonda is the mother of 2 children and before suggested overweight; Now she is a totally healthy and renewed woman, through her account you will be able to find a great variety of healthy recipes, videos of her routines and, interestingly, exercises and advice from other girls who are also very good at fitness.

Tips for sports and motivation

  • On Instagram you can find a variety of accounts, but we also recommend that you use hashtag or labels such as #Healthy Food #Fitness #fitmom #fitnessvideos #workout to find routine alternatives that will surely help in your routine.
  • The advantage of the internet is that you have on hand every day and at any time information to start changing your lifestyle: subscribe to healthy living pages, search recipes on google and with the Fitstagramers, take advantage of the fact that you have free and personalized trainers that, in addition, are an inspiration and example of life.
  • Looks very well at the sportswear that they wear: tops, sweatshirts, capries, blouses remember that doing sports does not mean losing glamor. Find a brand that offers variety in designs, comfort and safety in your clothes.
  • Write your goals and put them in visible places where you can constantly remember what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it.
  • Do not falter, reaching goals is difficult, leaving laziness, pessimism and excuses because the rewards will be very positive.