Jeans chocolatesport are not just trends, they are essential fashion items and all fashion addicts have at least a couple of them in their closet.

The Jean are always in style!

Ideas of how to combine my jeans and make my looks more interesting.

  • Jacket -Combine your jeans with a jacket, it can be any color. Take into consideration your style and the occasion. In the photo gallery I chose a look with a white jacket that looks youthful and elegant.
  • Striking Shoe -Uses a shoe with a lot of personality. Put on a sandal of some color or some special pattern. If the shoe is very striking try to keep the rest simple.
  • Accessories - Another alternative is that you can keep the look of a jean with a t-shirt and add some necklace or several striking necklaces. If you prefer bracelets and screens but look for something that makes the look look modern. And finally add a high heel shoe.
  • Elegant Blouse- Look for alternatives for blouses. It can be some blouse in lace, with prints or with brightness. There are many options when choosing a blouse. But always consider where you are going so that you see yourself according to the occasion. It is always better to be dressed above expectations.
  • Jean con Jean - Jean with Jean - I know this combination is a bit difficult, but I like it a lot. I think it looks different and original. I would choose a short jean and a jean jacket or jean blouse. To finish the look, add accessories in colors and complement with your makeup.