Healthy Christmas

4 activities that you must include to spend healthy Christmas

December has already started and with it the lack of control of eating habits, and that is that more than one person will leave the diet to eat all those delicious delicacies that are prepared for the Christmas dinner.

The custard, donuts, sweets, chocolates, fillings, alcohol, among other things that we eat can make us raise a few kilos.

For that reason, keep in mind some tips that we can include as habits to enjoy these holidays.

    Christmas and New Year's Eve are an excellent excuse to savor rich banquets. But, that does not mean that every day you are going to eat the same foods. For example, a piece of panettone contains about 400 calories, so if you eat every day it is likely that the dress you bought to celebrate ends up not staying. Avoid consuming it too often, remember nothing too much is good.
  2. ADOPTS HEALTHY IMPROVEMENTS FOR 24 You can eat your panettone by removing candied fruit and raisins, which are the ones that contain the most calories. Another thing you can do is prepare the chocolate in cup instead of the tablet, plus you can combine it with strawberry milk or low fat.
    Choose low-fat ingredients for good night's dinner, because if you're looking for healthier versions you'll see a difference. You can choose to make fresh salads and mix them with homemade mayonnaise, for your preparation you can use low-fat milk.
    If you have a habit of doing exercises, intensify it on these dates. Try to go for a walk or jog for about 30 minutes to control your weight. But, not only helps with weight but also to reduce vascular problems, among other things.