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Male Lingerie

Dare to wear men's lingerie ...

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Want to look different? Make a difference using...

5 Women fitness on Instagram, the best inspiration

The Fitstagramers are those beautiful girls who through their Instagram accounts inspire us every day to leave the blankets, to put on our sports clothes and to go out and change our lifestyle.
2017-12-05 15:33:00
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Gigo trends: Beards maintained

La barba de los hombres vive un momento de gloria. Modelos, hipsters, tu compañero de gimnasio...
Some bathing suits are also designed to make men stand out their attributes, some areas are intended to highlight more than others.

Groin, ABS and even arms can highlight both underwear and bathing suits. Forms and new designs make everything possible.

Raise the genitals in a comfortable and natural way; creating an increase in volume effect it is also possible in a bathing suit. Some designs can help improve your external appearance to leave the complexes at home.

Now it is very easy to increase the volume of male attributes even wearing only a swimsuit. There are different techniques for bathing suits embossing attributes but they all get the wished effect: a natural, discrete but remarkable genital lifting.

GIGO men swimwear improves your external appearance and enhance your profile to show off, easily and comfortable. Bathing suits enhance man attributes, they allow you boasting in the beach and the pool without added details or hairpieces, but boosting your volume.

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2017-12-05 08:27:00

How to choose the best clothes for exercise

There are many exercises that allow you to be in shape, but to obtain a greater benefit, or simply to feel better, it is advisable to use the most appropriate clothing to perform each type of physical activity.
2017-12-05 17:00:00
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¿Más repeticiones o más peso?

In general, exercises with more repetitions are performed for the improvement of muscular endurance, while those with a higher weight and fewer repetitions are practiced to increase muscle size and strength.
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With elastic vs without elastic

Con Elástico vs Sin Elástico

The best exercises to tone your legs

Sentadillas con una sola pierna: así trabajarás la parte frontal de la zona superior. Tienes que dar un paso hacia adelante con la pierna derecha y luego extender la pierna izquierda hacia atrás. Doblas las rodillas y baja el cuerpo (a partir de las caderas) hacia el piso. La idea es que toques con la rodilla izquierda el suelo, o permanecer lo más cerca de él.
2017-12-05 17:35:00