In this document, "Clients" will be referred to as site visitors, whether they are buyers or potential buyers. The purchases, payments and transactions made by customers through the virtual store C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (CHOCOLATE SPORT), on the site www.chocolatesport.com, hereinafter "the site", is subject to the terms and conditions, therefore to make use of it, it is an indispensable requirement to declare and accept each of the points which is described below. In case of not agreeing with the terms and conditions previously stipulated by C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (CHOCOLATE SPORT) for the use of this site, please refrain from making use of it.


The companies responsible for our deliveries are Fedex, Coordinator, Servientrega, and ENVIA.
2.1. Coverage and rates:
a) Our coverage will be in the national territory, with expressly established exceptions that are described in the table of destinations.
  • Medellín and its metropolitan area, it is between 3-5 business days.
  • For major or intermediate cities, the delivery time will be between 5-7 business days.
  • For cities or municipalities with forwarding, delivery will be within 5 to 10 business days.
  • Deliveries may not be made on a precise schedule.
  • The time of delivery of the order, will begin to count at the moment in which customer data being scanned and will confirm your payment by www.chocolatesport.com, which can take up to one business day. If the request was made during a weekend or holiday, only may be pending until the immediately following business day. in the realization of events such as Cyberlunes, fashion, Black Friday, our CyberSanta delivery time will be approximately 5-10 working days

2.3. Delivery tracking

In the event that you have not received your order within offered, you request to e-mail infochocolatesport@gmail.com, contact you to verify the status of the order.

2.4. Delivery of the order

  • The order may be delivered or inspected by any older person who dwells or is present at the place of delivery, for which is sufficient with the signing of the conveyor Guide.
  • Where the product has signs of damage or breakage in the packaging at the time of delivery, you must register it in the guide of the conveyor as an observation and communicate with the service line to the client or through our mail infochocolatesport@gmail.com

2.5 Deadlines in events

Day of fashion: our delivery times will be 5 to 8 business days.


Product quality. The C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (CHOCOLATE SPORT) are made with the best supplies (fabrics, threads, elastic), guaranteeing customers a product that meets the highest standards of quality, our records and certifications prove it.

It is not possible to guarantee that customers enter www.gigo.com.co, that the image displayed on the site is completely equal to the actual garment. The correct visualization is subject to the resolution of the computer screen or mobile device used by the client to access the website (computer, tablet, smartphone, and other). Also the photos of the clothes C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (CHOCOLATE SPORT) are some of the photo studios and scenarios that have an alternative lighting, in addition to the outside, its brightness and its smaller size, which can mean or lose strength in its intensity. We do not guarantee all the variables of visualization of the product and the perception of the same that each buyer can buy, are identical to those developed by the C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (CHOCOLATE SPORTS).

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